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Hitachi in Hong Kong


If my living room is 200 square feet, please advise which type of air-conditioner we should choose?

We need to estimate the cooling demand in the environment, please refer the following items:

  1. We can choose according to the room size:
    80 square feet before :    7,510 BTU/h
    80 ~ 100 square feet :    9,010 BTU/h
    100 ~ 150 square feet :    13,145 BTU/h
    150 ~ 200 square feet :   17,070 BTU/h
    200 ~ 250 square feet :   21,000 BTU/h or above
    It will be wasted energy if we use oversized cooling capacity.
    (Hitachi DC Inverter allows a room to reach the required temperature more rapidly and more efficiently. Inverter Technology also eliminates the incessant use of the start-stop mechanism often required to maintain consistent levels of temperature. Rather than starting the motor up and stopping it when the room temperature is reached. Hitachi inverters adjust (increase/decrease) the speed of the compressor to an energy saving mode in order to maintain the desired temperature. So that it can be power saving, comfortable and environmental friendly. )
  2. Number of people in the room
  3. Height of the ceiling
  4. Wall
  5. Corner of the corridor
    (Hitachi's air conditioner has 2 Air Windows in Left & Right and Auto Swing of Deflectors. So that the cooling air can be delivered widely and evenly. We can enjoy fresh and cool everywhere in the room. )
  6. Obstruction
  7. Given-off heat items in the room (E.g. light bulb, refrigerator, television and so on)
  8. Direction of the room (E.g. West side)
    When you purchase the air conditioners, you need to decide according to its environment and your needs, you can consult the air-conditioning professional when you are selecting.

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