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When using air conditioner, how to maintain and save electrical energy ?

  1. Keep suitable room temperature (such as 25.5 degrees)
  2. Put a fan at an air conditioning room. It is energy saving and protect the environment.
  3. Keep the connection coil short and less bends.
  4. Clean the filter once a week
    1. Remove the front cover and suction grille.
    2. Remove the dirt by the brush.
    3. Wipe the cabinet.
      1. Dust and bacteria can reduce the cooling effect, increase the electrical bill and make an air conditioner easily breakdown.
      2. Maintaining an air conditioner periodically can diminish dirt and germs. It can keep good health and save energy.
  5. Employ a professional cleaning an air conditioner periodically.
    (Enquiry Tel# 2753 5386)
  6. Keep the air outlet in open access.
  7. Switch off an air conditioner when you leave the room before 10 minutes.
  8. Do not install an air conditioner directly rayed by sunlight.
  9. Lessen opening doors and windows in the room.
  10. Since cooling air will be sunk and air opening should be gone down, an air conditioner will be installed 1.5m above the floor.
  11. Choose the suitable cooling capacity of air conditioner.

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