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Electronic components, colour picture tube, chip-mounter system, electronic materials, chemical materials (e.g. resin, magnet) and ribbon cutting factory.


8/F, Building 20E, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong

Major Products & Business Overview

Computer Ribbon

picture:  Computer Ribbon

This is nylon ribbon for dot matrix printer. Yarn of Nylon 66 is used as raw material, and finished products are supplied to customer after slitting process at China factory.

Chip Mounter System

picture:Chip Mounter System

Hitachi Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Chip Mounter features the highest speed and the widest range of components mounted on the PCB. GXH-1S features 80,000CPH (Components Per Hour) and GXH-1JS features 40,000 CPH. Both machine can handle the chip from 10.

Screen Printer

picture:  Screen Printer

High-speed and high-accuracy printing by new high-speed cleaning, high-rigid frame and newly developed squeegee.
(1) Printing cycle time: 7.5sec + printing time
(2) Printing Accuracy: within 20micro meter

Plasma Cleaning System

picture:  Plasma Cleaning System

SPC-50 is a desktop compact Plasma Cleaning System which improves the filling capability for underfilling and adhesiveness for resin sealing.