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Hitachi in Hong Kong

March 3, 2013 Event Information and Route Map

Event Information and Route Map

Activity Photos

Hitachi Group Participating

Company's name and NO. of participant
Participating Hitachi Group Companies No. Participant
Hitachi (Hong Kong) Ltd. 27
Hitachi Air-conditioning Systems (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd 5
Hitachi Cable Asia Ltd. 13
Hitachi Capital (HK) Ltd. 75
Hitachi Chemical Co. (HK) Ltd. 28
Hitachi Chemical Electronic Materials (Hong Kong) Ltd. 51
Hitachi East Asia Ltd. 54
Hitachi Elevator Engineering Co., (HK) Ltd. 33
Hitachi High-Technologies Hong Kong Ltd. 15
Hitachi Insurance Services, (Hong Kong) Ltd. 2
Hitachi Maxell Global Ltd 22
Hitachi Metals Hong Kong Ltd. 15
Hitachi Transport System (Hong Kong) Ltd. 37
Hitachi Via Asia Pte Ltd 3
Clarion (HK) Industries Co., Ltd 12
Total 392