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Hitachi in Hong Kong

Corporate Information

Corporate Name Hitachi Elevator Engineering Company (Hong Kong) Limited
Address 10/F, New East Ocean Centre, 9 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
TEL +852-2311-7611
FAX +852-2311-6714
Founded 1966
Business Overview Hitachi Elevator Engineering Company (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 1966 as the subsidiary company of Hitachi, Ltd. for the sales, installation, maintenance and modernization of Hitachi made lifts, escalators and moving sidewalks in Hong Kong and Macau. While we are upgrading and expanding our activities to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of our clients, we never forget the importance of "greater safety" and "better quality" which are the objectives that Hitachi has long pursued.
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Office Picture

picture:  Office Picture

Other Offices

HEE Tseung Kwan O Centre HEE Tseung Kwan O Centre, 3 Chun Ying Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2701-2932
Fax: +852-2623-9026

Major Products & Business Overview


picture:  Elevators

Hitachi lifts offers the best of Hitachi technology, functionality and design. Intelligent Group Control gives them the ability to flexibly meet usage demands throughout the day.

Escalators & Moving SideWalks

picture:  Escalators & Moving SideWalks

Hitachi Escalators are moving people everywhere-in hotels, offices, department stores, airports and many other places. Hitachi's comprehensive and advanced electrical & electronic technologies have brought escalators a great deal closer to perfection.


picture:  Maintenance

Hitachi Elevator Engineering Company (Hong Kong) Limited, Maintenance service have the well-trained, high capability and technical maintenance teams. Our network of the Emergency Call Centre and Service Depots are providing perfect maintenance service.


picture:  Modernization

Any lift system, similar to other building equipment, comes to the end of its service life even if an appropriate maintenance is done. Modernization can be not only for service life consideration but also can enhance comfort, efficiency, attractiveness and kindness of lifts' operation.

New Business Development

picture:  New Business Development

Hitachi Elevator Engineering Company (Hong Kong) Limited is providing not only lift & escaltor services but also environmental consideration products & maintenance service such as Domestic Waste Collection System, Food Waste Eliminator, Automatic Water Tap and Auto Parking System.