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Hitachi in Hong Kong

Corporate Information

Corporate Name Hitachi Koki Asia Co., Ltd. *
Address Workshop 01-05 on 10th Floor,King Palace Plaza,No.52A,Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong
TEL +852-2437-9291,+852-2437-9896
FAX +852-2417-9432,+852-2437-9277
Founded 1992
Business Overview Sales of Power Tools
  • * Enquity-method associates and joint ventures

Map of corporate

Major Products & Business Overview

Jig Saws (CJ110MV)

picture:  Jig Saws (CJ110MV)

Tool-less blade changing system. LED lighting system. New orbital locus and balance design for low vibration & smooth cutting. Powerful Dust Blowing for clear view over cut line.

Cutter (CM4SB2)

picture:  Cutter (CM4SB2)

Tool-less depth adjustment. Highly vibration-resistant and dust-resistant armature with metal bush for durability. Rubber covered dust-resistant switch.

Rotary Hammer (DH24PB3)

picture:  Rotary Hammer (DH24PB2)

Class-top drilling speed by the efficient transmission of the hammering energy. Less body jumping and drill holes more comfortably and friskily with a light pushing force. Non-slip double-layer molded handle & gear cover.

Disc Grinder (G10SF3)

picture:  Disc Grinder (G10SF3)

Easy-to-use snap switch. Excellent wear resistance by the smaller air vent to minimize sucking dust.

Demolition Hammer (PH65A)

picture:  Demolition Hammer (PH65A)

Heavy blow chipping mechanism, special tools for remove & build the ground. 360° adjustable side handle.