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Hitachi in Hong Kong

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Hitachi will keep supporting the evolving life style, and provide high quality and operationally. Also, Hitachi puts a high value on producing environmental friendly products. This supports our customers' quality life as well as pursues the cycloid type of society.


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Understanding the pursuit of pleasure and it makes you realize the highest living standard. Hitachi refrigerator sales No. 1, no matter the outlook, color, feature and the service are with excellent standard, which can perfectly and match your style.

Home Life

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Washing Machines
Hitachi washing machines utilize advanced technologies to make washing a real bliss. Installed with Hitachi's Revolutionary system, this user-friendly household helper is efficient and economical. Hitachi's amazingly quiet and stable line-up of washing machines offer you great peace of mind on laundry days.

Air Conditioners

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Air Conditioners
Hitachi Air conditioner has been No.1 in sales in Hong Kong. All the production processes, from design of the air conditioner to quality control, are carefully handled by our Japanese engineers to ensure advance technology has been applied. Our products can sure win your confidence and we guarantee to give you the best.