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Hitachi in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Directory

Hitachi Ltd. - China and Asia Pacific Headquarters

Hitachi (Hong Kong) Limited

Hitachi Koki Asia Co., Ltd.

Hitachi East Asia Ltd.

Hitachi Elevator Engineering Company (Hong Kong) Limited

Hitachi Air-Conditioning Systems (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Chemical Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Hitachi Chemical Electronic Materials (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Hitachi High-Technologies Hong Kong Ltd.

Hitachi Kasei Shoji Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Metals Hong Kong Ltd.

Hitachi Via Asia Pte. Ltd. Hong Kong Branch

Hitachi Transport System (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Hitachi Insurance Services (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Clarion (H.K.) Industries Co., Ltd

Hitachi Capital (Hong Kong) Limited

Hitachi Data Systems Ltd.

Hitachi Maxell Global Ltd.